Frequently Asked Questions About Lava Wash OH


Hours 8:30am – 8:30pm

8:30 pm

  • Coin only at East Main St. location
  • Card and Coin at Memorial Drive Location

We have machines that are large enough to wash king-size comforters.

Wash & Fold:

Hours 8:30am – 8:30pm, 7 days a week

24 hours (same day service is available)

  1. Next day service 10 lb. or $13.50
  2. Same day service $16

We use Members Mark (Sam’s Club) products but happy to use other products by request

Pickup & Delivery:

  • Pickup Tuesday/Deliver Thursday
  • Pickup Thursday/Deliver Tuesday

Tell us in the software where you will leave your clothes. It might be on the front porch, on the back porch, behind the fence, by the apartment door, in the lobby, with the apartment manager, or in an unlocked garage.

  1. Minimum order for free delivery is 25 lb. or $33.75.
  2. $5.00 round trip pickup/delivery fee 10 lb. or $13.50 minimum order

Just put a hold on your account in the software. We'll be back on the date you tell us.

No, there are no contracts. We know you will stay with us as long as we do a good job.